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10 Sanity Saving Tips for Moving with Young Children

Moving can bring out the worst part of yourself. There is so much to do, and you never
feel like there is enough time to do it all. Add your kids into the mix, and there are
guaranteed to be meltdowns.

We just recently went through this and let me tell you – it was NOT easy. The kids want to “help” with packing and unpacking and you have to entertain them all simultaneously. Give yourself time to get things done so you don’t create extra stress. Moving can be exciting and you want to find joy in this new chapter in your life.

Thanks to our friends at Allied Van lines for their pro tips on moving with small children.

1. Talk about your expectations for the move with your kids. If possible, take them to the
new house that you moving into before the big day. Kids want to know that they're
safe and secure. Having rules set out ahead of time can ease some of the stress. Let
them pick their rooms and get excited about moving.

2. Plan ahead when it comes to packing. Start early and let your kids help you. This will
make them feel more included in the process and less likely to throw a tantrum. Don’t
save it for the last minute. This will only increase your stress load.

3. Make sure to label the boxes with your kids things very clearly. You want to be able
to find the toy that they want quickly. This way you can avoid the inevitable meltdown
that always seems to occur at the worst possible moment.

4. Have a moving bag packed ahead of time. For younger kids, it is a good idea to
include pull ups and a change of clothes. Pack snacks and other essentials. Let your
kids put their favorite toys in the bag. You want something that will keep them
entertained so that you can focus on the job of moving.

5. Throw a going away party before the big moving day. You want your kids to have
some closure about leaving their home. It doesn’t have to be a big event. It may even be
a party just for your family. Visit the places that your kids spent a lot of time. Talk to
them about how there will be new places that they will love at your new home.

6. Ask for help on the day of the move. Maybe a friend or babysitter can watch your kids
while everything is being packed into the moving truck. You want to be able to focus on the task at hand. Providing a source of distraction for your kids will allow you to do this safely.

7. When you get to your new home, make your kids rooms a priority. You want to make
them feel secure in their new environment. Having familiar items around will make the
adjustment period smoother.

8. Your second priority should be the kitchens and bathrooms. Consider having
groceries delivered to your new home. You want to make your home livable for your first

9. Don’t rush to get everything unpacked. Decide what you absolutely need to have
available to you. This is where clearly labeling your boxes will pay off. You want to get
your family settled into their new surroundings. This will make the transition easier on
your kids.

10. Take some time for yourself through this process. Being stressed out will only stress
out your kids more.

Moving is emotionally draining for the whole family. Taking the time to deal with these
emotions can make your move more successful. Plan ahead, and don’t rush yourself.
Moving is a big adjustment and stressful for everyone, but once you’re in your new home – it’s all worth it! Start creating memories!

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