Guest Post: How Can Non-Formal Education Make You a Better Entrepreneur

Non-formal education is everywhere around us and has been influential for a long period of time, even if we were not aware. Examples of non-formal education range from swimming lessons for toddlers to community and non-credited adult courses. Many may think this type of education is unnecessary or that learning should be solely reserved for schools or universities, but they are mistaken. Non-formal education can help us in many aspects of our lives, like battling with addiction or even our businesses. It doesn’t matter if you are attending Microsofts official course on business or a non-credited online course – the most important thing is you are still educating yourself and learning.

Today there are many forms of non-formal education, but the most popular ones are seminar speeches and courses. In this article, we will talk about the importance of this type of education and how it can help you become a better entrepreneur.

Non-formal experience can give you much-needed experience.

There is no such thing as too much experience in any kind of work as there is always room for improvement. One of the best ways to continue your education or strengthen your skills is to attend some non-formal seminars, get involved in your community or take online courses. Participating in these types of activities and education will not only teach you about a particular topic, but it will also give you additional experience in that line of work. Every successful entrepreneur will tell you that one should never stop learning and always continue to better themselves. It’s very important to acquire new skills, sharpen current skills, and develop new techniques if you want to stay relevant and successful in your business.

For example, you can do community work in your neighborhood, help develop local infrastructure or even help organize community events to get people engaged. These activities might seem simple, but trust us, in the long run – they will all pay off. You’ll learn how to interact with people and how to approach different types of problems. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is to continually educate yourself and push new boundaries. Every working experience is valuable.


You can acquire new skills and techniques.

This is very important for every entrepreneur. Learning new skills can be very hard and costly, but if you want to be successful in your line of work, then it is absolutely necessary. Luckily, there are a number of non-formal education courses and seminars that can help you with this. They are usually free, but even if you have to pay, it is a small fee compared to some official ones. But don’t think that because these courses are free that they lack in quality. On the contrary, they are usually held by people who really care and understand the subject they are speaking on. Their goal is not to profit from this, but to help you understand and learn.

For example, even basic Excel courses seem hard and frightening to many and they also cost a lot. But with the right teacher, you can easily learn all you need to know. Non-formal education provides a different approach to learning and this might suit you better than conventional ways. They sometimes focus more on experience and interactions verses taking tests and meeting norms.

Portrait of pretty young woman working on laptop while sitting on sofa at home

As you can see there are a number of ways in which non-formal education can help in both your personal and professional life. Seminars, free online courses and volunteering are easily accessible and provide invaluable information to strengthen your skills. Happy learning!