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Gender Reveal: Surprise!

Whether you find out the gender of your baby during pregnancy or at birth, it is a very special moment. It is in this moment you begin to picture your life with this tiny being, choose a name, and fall in love with them even more than you were the day before.

With this pregnancy I have had many surprises. It’s been very unconventional, to say the least. Since I’m high risk and had an ovarian cyst burst in the first month of pregnancy, I’ve had many ultrasounds to confirm the baby’s health. At twelve weeks I went in for my second ultrasound. I took Sebastian with me so he could see the baby, however my husband was traveling on business and was unable to make it.

Once we arrived, the tech was finally able to confirm my due date and that the baby was healthy. I had seen this same tech several times before, so we began to build somewhat of a tech-patient friendship. Right before my appointment ended she turned to me and asked, “Are you finding out the sex?” I stopped breathing. Am I? Did I want to find out without my husband? Did I want to find out this time around? Was I ready for this news? But before I could let my brain control my mouth, my lunatic, control freak side took over: “Yes! Can you tell this early?” She confirmed you could and followed up by saying, “Now don’t going buying a bunch of sh*t just yet, but I pretty sure it’s a girl.”

My eyes welled up. Sebastian yelled, “Baby sister!” I couldn’t believe it. I walked out on cloud nine. I felt so blessed to be a mom to one of each. Even though I thought I wanted two boys, my mind started scrolling through years of ballet classes, mani-pedis, wedding dresses, and suddenly I was excited. Very excited.

I know she told me not to buy a bunch of stuff, but I did. I posted her name, Sophia, above the crib and decorated it with purple bedding. I also bought a couple of cute dresses. We didn’t tell our families right away because we wanted to wait for confirmation. We scheduled another ultrasound at a private place, which allows your family to log on to their website and view the screen with you. We thought this would be a great way to reveal the sex, as our families live in different states. Since we already knew the sex, we were trying to act surprised.

The tech prepared me on the table and stuck the wand on my belly. We were watching the screen in front of us patiently as she tried to get the baby to open their legs. It took a few tries but when she finally got the baby turned, she wrote on the screen: It’s A Boy!

WHAT THE F**K!!! My face dropped to the ground as my family was texting and cheering. I asked her, “Are you kidding me? That can’t be right? When did she grow a penis!?” The poor women looked at me…. speechless. Then…I cried. She wasn’t sure how to react after that. She tried to cheer me up, “Look Mommy, he is waving at you!” Yeah lady, whatever, waving at me saying, “Sucker! I tricked you!” Sebastian still confused followed up, “No more baby sister?” Adam, Sebastian and I sat in awe. We then paid the fee and left. As soon as I got home I returned all the girl stuff, cried a little more, then went to sleep.

The next day, I started thinking: If that b*tch wouldn’t have told me girl and showed me a little vagina as proof, I would have never had this reaction. But she did. She was wrong. Get over it. A boy is awesome. You will always be Queen of the house and you won’t have to share your shoes and handbags with some chick you call your daughter. It was then I started getting excited – for another boy. So ladies and gentleman come November, Thanksgiving to be exact, Mr. Alexander (the Great trickster) will make me the happiest mommy alive.

To celebrate we took some cheesy gender reveal photos. Enjoy.


Bye Bye Sophia!
Bye Bye Sophia!
It's A Boy!
It’s A Boy!
Yes my son is almost my height!
Yes my son is almost my height!
We tried to do glitter but Adam was not feeling blowing glitter.. as you can tell by his face.
We tried to do glitter but Adam was not feeling blowing glitter.. as you can tell by his face.
Still not sure about "Ah-wix" (Alex), or sharing his momma.
Still not sure about “Ah-wix”
(Alex), or sharing his momma.


Not sure yet, but he'll get there..
Not sure yet, but he’ll get there..

*Special thanks to Sylvia Stutz, an amazing photographer and friend, for her patience with a toddler and the great photos!



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