Why Being A Mom Is Pretty Freakin’ Awesome

A little over two years ago we started this blog to shed light and laughter on the extremely difficult job of being a parent. While we do like to take a more sarcastic approach to all things parenting, one truth remains certain – being a parent is the greatest gift of all.

Because we’re in the season of giving thanks and reflecting on all our blessings, we would like to share some reasons why we think being a mom is actually pretty freakin’ awesome.

Unconditional love. There is nothing your child could do that would make you not love them and vice versa. This kind of love is in the purest form and we are all so lucky to experience it.

You get to know and feel your baby first. There is something truly spiritual about growing a baby in your belly and the love that ensues the minute your eyes meet a positive pregnancy test. Even though pregnancy can be brutal, we are willing to go through it all over again just to experience these magical moments.

preggo belly

You are your baby’s first love. There is no other person on the planet your baby would rather be with other than you. They even memorize your voice while they’re growing in your belly. How unbelievably sweet is that?!

You are addicted to your baby. A newborn smell is as addictive as crack cocaine. It’s the truth, Google it. As a mom we get to smell our newborns as much as we want and people don’t think we’re weird. Well, most people anyway.

Your Children Make You A Better You. Even though kids can induce moments of insanity, the minute they flash you a smile it’s impossible to stay angry. They make us stronger and remind us of what is truly important in life.

Sebe smiling

Kids Make Life Fun – In A Different Way. I’m not going to lie; I kind of love watching cartoons on Saturday morning in bed cuddled up with my boys. I also love eating grilled cheese sandwiches, seeing Mickey Mouse, building forts out of sheets, playing in the rain and seeing their faces light up on Christmas morning. Kids make you act, and feel, like a kid again.

You Are Their Hero. They see the best in you, even when you don’t see it in yourself.

Mom gifts.  A handful of dirty wild flowers and dozens of painted pictures are the best presents your baby boy could give you. Their presents are truly from the heart.

Watching Them Grow. When they take that first step, learn a new word, enter into Kindergarten, learn to read, learn to drive, get into college – YOU helped them get there. It takes a village and you, mom, are the matriarch.

Even though our kids drive us insane, we can all agree there isn’t a minute we would trade (okay maybe a few minutes here and there – but that’s it). Either way, we’re so thankful for all the love and laughter our little one’s give us each and every day. Here’s to being a mom!


A Special Thank You:

As we close out another year, we would like to celebrate our triumphs, thank God we made it through the tribulations, and most importantly toast to our new beginnings. Thank you to all of you – our readers! We appreciate the continued support and wish you all a wonderful, healthy, prosperous, and joy-filled 2015!