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The Ultimate Fun & Smart Gift List for Your Kids This Christmas

Holidays are almost here, which means it’s high time you went shopping for Christmas gifts! Don’t wait for the last-minute hunt – play smart and avoid that holiday time stress. If you would like to spend reasonable amounts of money on something that will be highly beneficial to your children’s cognitive development, you are in the right place. Here are four ideas for Christmas gifts your kids will love.

  1. Pretend Play Kits



These kits are the best possible present for your toddler or preschooler. In that age, children are communicating with intent and are using speech for communication. These toys rely on pretend play skills, and largely depend on your children’s interests and level of development. Farm sets are great for boys and girls who love domestic animals, and these are amazing for building speech and language skills. Besides that, they will learn about their habitat and life cycles, and also develop a stronger sense of identity through play. Doll houses are perfect resources for role play and creative activities. They develop social and fine motor skills. A tool set is great for boys who like to copy their dads, and these are good for improving hand-eye coordination.

  1. Math Games


Understanding simple math facts from an early age will significantly influence children’s mental math skills, making them understand and learn fast. Conducting basic addition and subtraction problems mentally will enable them to easily advance to higher levels of mathematics. Besides that, it will greatly improve their self-confidence. Kids can develop problem-solving skills with your help – there is a wide range of different games that will enhance their understanding of those problems. Funbrain math games are fun and improve your children’s cognitive development. These are particularly useful for younger ones, because they will get to love math through play. These games are educational and entertaining at the same time.

  1. Art Supplies


Art indeed provides limitless opportunities for developing speech and fine motor skills. You can incorporate anything that comes to your mind – even some items that you already have in your home can be taken into consideration. That is actually the cheaper solution. Buttons, pom poms, paper clips, clothespins, straws, homemade play dough, toothpicks and many other things can be very useful, developing creativity through playing and having fun. On the other hand, you can purchase different sets consisting of crayons, markers, clay, stickers, wooden stamps and colouring books that will make your kids more than happy. Also, don’t forget the spirograph – its interlocking gears and wheels will help them create beautiful and elegant designs.

  1. The Gift of Physical Activity


Giving your children gifts that involve movement and companionship with friends and family will motivate them to be active. There are many simple gifts that will promote activity, such as balls for basketball, baseball, tennis, and soccer. When it comes to winter, snowshoes, skates and sleds are a great choice if you want your kids to use the winter weather in the best possible way. Playing outdoors in the snow is something that children love, which is why they should have good snow pants and warm boots and jacket. However, if they prefer staying indoors, you can always pay for dance lessons or a membership to the local basketball club.

As you can see, there are so many ideas regarding Christmas gifts for your children that are both fun and frugal at the same time. These four are just a drop in the ocean of amazing presents every child would like to get. The most important thing is to keep in mind your kids’ personal interests and wishes – and you certainly will not make a mistake. Good luck!


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