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Took My Pregnancy Test… I Passed!

Yes, you read right.  The ole’ baby maker came through in the clutch!

First off, I would like to thank God.  Secondly, I would like to thank my husband, family, friends and all the readers who were so supportive. Your comments and advice came at a time when I desperately needed them.   If you are thinking this sounds like an Oscar speech, you are right. This past year was a miserable, emotional roller coaster that almost ended with us giving up on expanding our family. And, I was on the brink of starting expensive, daunting fertility treatments. So…I really do feel like I won an Oscar, better yet, a baby!


I found out I was pregnant two days after I wrote this post.  I was driving back from Starbucks and made a quick stop at Walgreens to buy one more pack of pregnancy tests. As I was cashing out, I said to myself, hopefully this is the last dollar you spend on these. Once I got home, I immediately put the tests away.  I wasn’t ready to take one and have my heart broken yet again.

Later that week I felt ready.  I took the test and when I checked the stick, a positive sign glared back at me.  As I would with a negative sign, I grabbed the box and read the instructions about ten times to make sure I was reading it right.  Then I did what every girl does, I took another test.  That one, a positive too!  I ran out of the bathroom, looked at my husband and started crying.  This time he knew my cry was one of relief.  He stood up, hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Finally.”

preg tes

Besides having enourmus boobs, nose bleeds, bleeding gums, the bladder of an 80 year-old, and barely being able to keep my eyes open lately, I can’t really complain. Pregnancy does not suit me, but I’ll gladly oblige for the end result.  I know, I shouldn’t complain and should feel very blessed, which I do, however let’s be honest ladies – pregnancy sucks.

Just a couple more weeks and I will be in my second trimester, which they say is when the ‘glow’ starts. By ‘glow’ I mean I will look more pregnant and not just fat. I have already been asked, “Wow, are you having twins?”  No, I am not.  There is only one, so says my doctor, and thank you for making me feel like a whale.

I am hoping for a girl, but a boy would save me from bankruptcy.  The husband says he knows it is a boy, so we shall see.

Again, thank you for all the love and support and I will be sure to blog along the way!








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