Sleeping Just Got A Whole Lot More Comfortable

I don’t know about you, but I love a good night’s sleep. Those nights are often hard to come by because I’m a light sleeper. I wake up if I’m uncomfortable, itchy from my pajamas, if I’m too hot, too cold, you name it.

I sometimes share fashion finds with you and recently I heard about Weekend Made Sleepwear and couldn’t wait to try out their pajamas. It’s hard to come by a good pair of pajamas that are soft, cozy, and last a long time.

Weekend Made Sleepwear is a new innovative brand that features seamless designs perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep. Their sleepwear was created for women and children with sensitive skin or with sensory processing disorders. Their sleepwear is made with high-quality, sweat-wicking materials so you’re able to enjoy them even in summer. They are very lightweight.

The material feels so soft and luxurious, they are easy to care for and made to last. They also have pockets so you have a place to carry your phone. Isn’t everything better with pockets? They have several mommy and me styles and are easy to breastfeed in if you’re a nursing mom. They also have a slight stretch for the ultimate comfort. I can definitely see a lot of cozy movie nights with the boys in these and who doesn’t love a mommy and me look?! We’ve already named Weekend Made as our favorite set of pajamas.

If you want to find out more about the brand and get some mommy and me coziness, check out their website here. Right now if you save 20% when you buy 2 items with code: BTS20. Let us know how you love them!

To My Baby On His First Day of Kindergarten

If you’ve been following me for a while you might remember a piece I wrote for TODAY and HuffPost a while back about my oldest son titled, “To My Son On His First Day of Kindergarten.” I still cry to this day when I read it because it reiterates how fast time flies. Now, three and a half years later, I’m sending my baby off to kindergarten and the emotions are running high, to say the least.

He’s my last. Even writing that pains my heart.

This is the last first day of kindergarten. The last baby to learn his ABCs. The last one to cling to me as I walk him to his class and honestly – I’m not ready. I feel like I’ve been in survival mode for what feels like decades raising babies and now here I am, a mom of school-aged kids. I knew this day would come and I thought I’d be prepared, or even happy as it will be easier for me as a working mom – but I’m not. I’m sad. I’m sad this chapter closed on me when I turned my back for a second.

After all, he is my baby. When I look at him I still see that chubby-legged little nugget who giggled all the time and fell asleep on my chest every afternoon. How is he now five? How did he go from having chunky cheeks and needing me to do everything for him to now packing his own backpack, dressing himself, and ready to take on the world? Kinder is his start line, and as a mom, I have to step back and let him grow.

With my first son, I was in a profession that required a lot of hours away from home so I didn’t get to spend my days with him. With my second son, I was lucky enough to work from home and we spent every waking moment together. I was there when he took his first steps. I was there when he said his first words. I was there – always. Now, I have to hear about his advancements through others.

Starting kindergarten also means my influence starts to slip into the hands of teachers and friends. It means the day will soon come where I won’t be able to walk him to class anymore. It means his friends will start to be more present in his life and he will want to hang out with them over me. It means those after lunch snuggles are going to be limited to the weekends and it means momma’s love in public will start to embarrass him versus comfort him. Why oh why can’t they just stay little forever?

Even though I know this is good for both of us, it’s still hard on my heart. Unfortunately, this isn’t about me and what I want or need – it’s about him.

So – To my baby on his first day of kindergarten,

Even though I’m going to miss you like crazy, I’m so excited for you to start your own journey. You may be scared at first, but that’s normal. Your teachers will care for you and teach you things I can’t. You’ll learn all about the big world out there and how you can grow up to make a difference in it. You’ll make new friends and start to get to know yourself better too. You’ll have tons of fun new experiences and maybe some not-so-good ones too – but that’s okay, that’s how you grow. Even though you’re becoming more independent, know I’ll always be here when you need me. While you’re off starting this new chapter in life, I’m going to do my best to embrace this next stage of parenthood and hold back tears. But for these last few days, I’ll just pretend time hasn’t snuck up on me, yet again.

Alexander – I loved you from the very start, 
You stole my breath, embraced my heart. 
Our life together seems like it has just begun, 
You’re part of me my little one.  (-AliciaK)

Now – let’s go crush kindergarten.

Working Toward Your Best Self

Self-care is such a popular subject these days, as it should be – especially for moms and women in general. When women are asked to name their top three priorities, they never include themselves. Are we really surprised? Can’t say that I am. We tend to give and give until nothing is left in our cup rather than filling our cups up first so it can then overflow on to everyone else.

For the past decade personal growth has been on my radar. I wanted to find balance, train my brain to focus on the positives versus the negatives, gain more patience and just overall perspective. As we get older we start to realize some of our behaviors from childhood should not remain in our adulthood. We realize it takes work, like really HARD work, to maintain relationships and marriages. We are blindsided by what it takes to survive motherhood. The stresses of work, family, maintaining health and the day to day responsibilities can really take a bite out of your happiness if you let it.

It’s mentally draining when your reality is not living up to your expectations of what you thought your life would look like. And, that’s okay because in the grand scheme I believe life has already been planned out anyway. When I started appreciating this rigged destiny, I learned lessons from the hardships and chose to be grateful to grow– the perspective, patience, happiness, and balance eventually came.

Did I figure this out on my own? No. Did I have a lot of help getting to a place of content? Yes. Am I still learning and growing every day? Absolutely.

In my early 30s I went to therapy and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was struggling with debilitating anxiety and the notion that I had to be perfect at everything. There wasn’t any balance, it was all or nothing. That drive was a good thing and got me far in life, but it wasn’t until I learned how to control it and let go of certain behaviors that it started working more in my favor.

Those toxic behaviors include being a people pleaser at the expense of my own happiness, competing with myself on a daily basis, caring what other’s thought about me, and trying to save the world. When I realized I am just one person with only 24 hours in my day and that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business – my life changed.

If you’re reading this and it’s speaking to you – I’m glad you’re here. There’s nothing worse than carrying around these burdens and feeling hopeless. I also have some advice for you, but first, I’ll remind you I am not a doctor – just someone who had help, learned a few things, and now I want to pay it forward.

First off, I’ll say, even if you think therapy is for the weak or doesn’t work or not worth it, you’re wrong. It’s refreshing to speak to someone with an outside perspective and knowledge of how the brain and behaviors work. It’s also great to get advice, or get on medications (if needed) that can help you. There’s no shame in getting help and having support to work through issues.

Another practice I put into play is meditation. I wake up 30-45 minutes before my kids every morning to have silent me time. I am not rushed, I can take some deep breaths, stretch, and get ready for the day without the drama of a toddler. I don’t look at my phone until after I wake up my kids, get them ready and out the door. If I look at it before then – I’ll see the tons of unread emails and it immediately makes me anxious about the workday ahead. My priorities in the morning are me, the kids, then….work.

All you need is 10 minutes.

Before bed, I read 10 pages of a book. Nine out of 10 times they are usually self-help or an inspiring story of some sort. This keeps me from looking at my phone and allows my body to fall into relaxation mode. I go to sleep on a positive note. Do not, I repeat, do not watch the news or scroll through social media right before bed. You don’t need sensationalized messages and doomsday scenarios entering your brain right before you want to shut it off for the night.

My favorite books I’ve read over the past decade that have made a lasting impression on me:
The 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins. Gives you exercises to help you gain control of your thoughts and actions. I’ve also seen her speak and talk about inspiring! I recommend you follow her on social too!

The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod  An inspiring story of a young man who overcame so many obstacles and his morning routine that sets him up for success every day.

Girl, Wash Your Face, Rachel Hollis. Rachel is my spirit animal. I think I might have a serious girl crush on her. I connect to her story on so many levels and I think many of you will, too. If you need that smack to get out of your head and realize you’re much stronger than you think you are – this is your girl. It’s time to be your own hero.

The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy. I can’t say enough good things about this book. He is a success coach to many celebrities, CEO’s you name it. His in your face advice will help anyone looking for personal growth in any facet of their life. His main message is how little daily actions turn into big achievements and why it’s important to stay consistent and go the extra mile when necessary.

Unf*ck Yourself, Gary Bishop A raw in your face approach to help yourself get out of your head.

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k, Sarah Knight.  I bought this more for a fun read on a flight home and to my surprise gave me some serious come-to-Jesus moments. It’s all about not feeling guilty for your decisions and saying no when you want to. It gives you a good laugh and some life-changing advice! Who knew?!

The last thing I did to elevate my well-being was to get healthy! I learned the hard way how important eating healthy, working out and taking care of your body is after I developed thyroid disease. This disease rocked me and took years to gain control of. It’s amazing how much a healthy lifestyle leads to overall happiness.

Now, if you’re a mom and you just want a laugh and to know you’re not alone in the parenting fails then check out one of my books. Sometimes laughter is all you need.

Chicago Baby Show Recap & Giveaway

New mommas! I know it’s hard, girl. The sleepless nights. The endless laundry. The human attached to your boob twenty-four-seven. The bottles that pile up to be cleaned. The adjusting to your new life with baby. The trying to do it all AT ONCE. It’s HARD. Like, REAL HARD.

But, I have good news for you. The dust WILL settle. The sleep will come – and in a short time you won’t be able to even remember your life before your little one. It’s like they were already in your heart forever and you just had to wait for them to get here. I’m not crying – you’re crying! Geez. Boy, do I love my babies and all the blessings they have brought me in life! Okay, so back to the recap as I wipe away my tears.

I have even more good news for you! This weekend I was lucky enough to attend The 2nd Annual Chicago Baby Show at Navy Pier on a media pass. This allowed me to get lots of one-on-one time with all the vendors and hear all about the latest and greatest in baby gear, gadgets, wraps, snacks and more.

I even left with some cool swag that I’ll be giving away to a few lucky readers! Check out all these goodies below!


One of the first booths I visited was a brand staple for my family when my babies were babies (not that long ago). Boppy Support for all Momkind. Boppy’s are a must for new moms. I had both the nursing pillow and newborn lounger, which I used every day for at least a year for both my babies. They have other great products, accessories, cozy carriers, and the cutest slip covers you’ve ever seen. Not going to lie, I had several covers because babies vomit and spit up a lot and I didn’t want to do laundry every day. Lazy, I know, but when you’re a zombie you do what you have to do. Boppy has a new product out, a teething scarf, which was an instant hit and already won a Mom’s Choice Award. It’s an infinity scarf that serves as an accessory, cover up for nursing, and easy grip teether made from food-grade silicon. The nice lady at the booth modeled it for my readers! Very cute, and cozy for baby!


Next up, I chatted with the ladies at the Motherlove® Nurturing Life booth. Motherlove products are recommended by healthcare professionals and trusted by mothers everywhere. The products are self-care for moms and contain herbs that are traditionally and effectively used worldwide to support breast milk supply. Their line carries Sitz Bath Spray, pregnant belly salve to help with stretch marks, and their most popular product: Motherlove Nipple Cream. Breastfeeding moms – can I get an amen! Side note: nipple cream is becoming a popular lip balm on dry lips during winter. I’ve tried it – it works. Just sayin’. You can check out their whole line at Motherlove.

After I divulged that I sometimes use nipple cream (no judging) on my lips, I went over to the Inspired Start booth and was really impressed with what they’ve created. They are the only baby food designed to introduce eight common allergens. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology says allergenic foods can be introduced just like other solid foods, around 4-6 months of age. Early allergen introduction, or just early introduction, is a new term — one that has emerged over the last couple of years as a response to new research. Early introduction is the process of feeding a potentially allergenic food to infants early on in their immune system development and on a consistent basis as they continue to grow and develop.

They come in cute easy to carry pouches (BPA free) and are available on Amazon Prime. So smart!


One of my last stops was at the SNOO Sleeper booth. All I can say is, “WOW”! This sleeper is all the rage with celebs and baby sleep gurus alike. It was created by the author of Happiest Baby on the Block, Dr. Harvey Karp (a.k.a. The Baby Whisperer). If you’re a mom you’ve read or at least heard of his book. It was my baby bible when I had my first son and his advice was solid. SNOO Smart Sleeper is a bassinet that applies Dr. Karp’s popular 5 S’s soothing techniques, giving your baby a perfect 4th Trimester for safe and happy sleep.

SNOO is the only bed that boosts sleep 1-2+ hours by soothing babies with the constant rumbly sound and gentle rocking they loved in the womb. SNOO also “hears” your baby’s cries and automatically responds with 5 levels of gradually stronger white noise and motion to find the best level to soothe fussing. It comes with a special swaddle for safe sleeping, different attachments for incline, and even has an app to control the controls (of course it does!). It does come with a hefty price tag, but you have to ask yourself – is you and your baby’s sleep worth it? I’d say so.


Some other notable (I mean, they all were awesome) vendors were one of my other favorites, Mable’s Labels

If you don’t use these yet, trust me you will. If your baby goes to daycare or when they are older and start schooling – everything must be labeled. What better way to personalize or showcase your little one’s personality then with Mabel’s labels. AND, you can get 20% off site wide using the code:US182DOQ561C from now until December 31, 2018.


My new friends at Líllé Baby, on the Goldbug, Pura, Inspired Start (who I talked about above), and Itzy Ritzy were kind enough to donate some of their favorite products among moms for a giveaway! The Líllé Baby tie the knot wrap includes unique, innovative features that simplifies placing carrier on and improves comfort. The on the Goldbug 4 in 1 privacy scarf is a multi-use scarf, nursing cover, shopping cart cover & car seat canopy. The Pura stainless steel bottle is unbreakable, dishwasher safe, non toxic, no plastics! They have a line for the whole family, but I have a bottle for you! Inspired start gave a cute little snack bag and a pouch of their uniquily formulated organic baby food. Finally the Itzy Ritzy snack bag is perfect for moms on the go!

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First come first serve on the raffle items, there are 5 to give away! I have a few other samples I can throw in each as a surprise gift too!

Winner will be chosen Tuesday, September 4th.


Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…..

It’s been almost six years since I started this blog. And, what an amazing mix of ups and downs I’ve had since then. Life has changed – dramatically. I’m a different person. I’m in a different place in life, too. I’ve learned so much about myself and made some pretty big life decisions along the way.

This blog originally started out as a humorous take on being a new mom and trying to manage it all. I was overwhelmed, insanely busy, knew nothing about being a parent (who does?!), and found myself laughing quite often at what being a parent really meant. Let me give you a hint: have wet wipes with you at all times. Like, a lot of them. You’re welcome.

While I do still share funny parenting stories and mom must-haves, I’ve expanded the blog over the years to a more “lifestyle” blog sharing ALL things I love. Even though my boys are my life, remembering who I am and doing things that feed my soul are important too. Take note moms: don’t lose yourself in the process of raising your family. No one wins when you do that.

When I started this blog, I was a full-time working mom. Let’s be honest, I was more than full-time. Do 40-hour workweeks in corporate even exist? I was a Director of Sales over events for a prominent luxury hotel in downtown Chicago. I was also on the executive team. I loved my job. I loved my team. But, I didn’t love the hours. My brain had so many tabs open that eventually my brain exploded. Not for real, but that’s what it felt like. Like, I was in a downward spiral begging for air.

You see, I’m a “yes” girl and in that setting – being a “yes” girl was probably not the best idea for me. I worked 24/7 to appease all those around me and stay in the lead of the imaginary race I was running in my head. Eventually, my body caught up to my mind and I got really sick. Stress is a dangerous thing, and when it takes over your body it can be very scary.

A thyroid disease (which made my hair fall out in fist fulls!), infertility issues, depression and anxiety were my new normal. But, don’t worry. I eventually recognized I couldn’t go on like that and I walked away from a life I thought I loved to save myself and my family. Thank goodness I made this decision, because right after – God blessed me with my miracle rainbow baby.

My miracle baby (2014)!

So, there I was – a mid-30 something starting over. I was excited, but terrified at the same time. I wanted to be a writer and had always been the go-to girl to help others find the right words – so, why not start sharing them myself? I started this blog, submitted my work to any website that would allow, networked with writers, bloggers, publishers, and became a social media expert to expand my resume and it worked!

It wasn’t easy to put myself out there at first and that’s coming from someone who would be considered an extrovert. The Internet can also be a very nasty place. Over the years I got used to the criticism, the eye-rolling and the mean comments, but in the end – putting myself out there fostered new friendships, partnerships, more opportunities and a stronger me. I’d say that’s a win!

About two years after I started writing I was approached by several companies to help them build their brands on social media which lead me to a lot of influencer work, which lead me to partner with Rodan + Fields, a premium skin care brand that was once sold in high-end retail and now solely through e-commerce. You may have heard of them now, but in 2014 when I partnered with them, R+F was still a gem waiting to be discovered by the masses. I now have a team of over 300 people in the U.S, Canada and Australia! I love the company, their products (#1 in North America!), and I love how they have changed so many lives.

My team and I celebrating a big accomplishment with R+F!

So here I am now – a business owner, writer, author (my next book is being released in just a few weeks!), social influencer, mom and wife trying to live my best life and sharing the journey with all of you. If you like to surround yourself with people who try to inspire others, share what they’ve earned, have lots of fun, and live life to the fullest – then I’m your gal. I’ll be your internet bestie! Thank you to all the ladies and gents who’ve stuck with me since 2012 and have watched this journey unfold, too. Your support means the world to me! I have a lot more road ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you under this blog’s new name: Hollydays Chicago, where every day is a Holly-day!

Now, let’s go have some fun.



The 5 Best Hacks to Fit Yoga Into Your Busy Mom Schedule

Being a mom is not an easy job. You’ll have to spend sleepless nights and you’ll have to work without taking breaks. From the moment you wake up, someone will always be needing something from you.

Between looking after your children, getting household chores done, and fulfilling workplace demands, you won’t even have enough time to sweat and experience a “me” time.

These things can easily take a toll on your health and your sanity. The good news is that there are ways for you to fit a decent yoga routine into your busy schedule. These best hacks can help you accomplish that.

1. Get up earlier than usual

When you think about it, the most peaceful time you can get is when your kids and the rest of the family are still asleep. So, if you want to squeeze in a workout, take advantage of that time.

Get up earlier than usual so you’ll still have enough time to prepare your kids’ breakfast and clothes for school. You don’t necessarily have to wake several hours earlier.

Getting up half an hour earlier than usual can give you enough time to do a 15-minute yoga routine.

Now, if you’re a working mom, avoid scheduling your yoga workout after work. There’s a good chance that with so many activities and tasks, you’ll forget about it. Schedule your workout first thing in the morning.

 2. Get your family involved

As a mom, it’s pretty easy to feel guilty about having a “me” time, particularly when your kids are at home and waiting for you to play with them.

Why not eliminate the drama and get your family to join you?

Get a yoga mat for each of your kids and keep your routine simple so they can follow along. Even if they don’t have the attention span for the entire routine, they’ll be busy for a few minutes and that can be enough for you to focus.

3. Ask for your partner’s support

You need a break so don’t think twice about asking your partner to watch the kids while you do your workout routine. If he is a bit unwilling, let him know how you’re willing to compromise and return the favor.

4. Plan your yoga routine for the whole week

Planning your yoga routine on a daily basis might sound like a wise choice, particularly since you don’t have a fixed schedule. However, if you want to truly experience the benefits of yoga, plan your routine for the whole week.

For example, you can perform poses on your mat for about 3 times a week. You can switch to restorative yoga poses and meditation for the other days. This way, you’ll be able to recalibrate your brain and feel calmer and more relaxed.

When it comes to planning, remember to be flexible. Don’t feel frustrated whenever your initial plan doesn’t go as expected.

5. Make yoga fit you

Women go through a lot. You can experience menstrual cycles, get pregnant, and deliver a baby. With all those changes, you need to recalibrate yoga to fit you and your body’s needs. Make sure that it will meet not just your physical needs but also your mental and emotional health.

Don’t be afraid of steer away from the rigid yoga poses your teacher taught you. Instead, find postures that your body will be comfortable with.

Being a mom is a blessing. However, with so many things to do and people to attend to, it’s quite easy to sabotage one’s health. And once you neglect your health, you become less effective when it comes to caring for others.

By making your health a priority and with these hacks, you’ll be able to stay in shape physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Tipping The Scale Back to Center

Life is hard. Being a mom is hard. Being a working mom is really hard. Being a friend is hard. Being a wife is hard. Did I cover everything?

I recently turned 40. I know, I don’t look a day over 25 (at least that’s what I like to tell myself). After hitting this milestone, I’ve finally decided that I’m enough. I work hard at two different jobs. I love my kids. I love my friends. I love my husband. That love may not be shown every day in my actions, but it’s there and it’s real.

For the last twenty years, I’ve had a tendency to put everyone before me. I’ve sacrificed my happiness, my wishes, my sleep, my money and my time for those around me. Some deserved it – while others did not. When you spend so many years doing this – it becomes the expectation from those around you. Then you make life even harder for yourself.

I’ve talked to so many women about this unattainable expectation we continually try to live up to and we all feel the same. We wish we could clone ourselves or be in two different places at once, win the lotto and hire a staff to help – none of which is possible. Maybe the lotto part and if that happened then the staff comes, but let’s be honest here – we aren’t winning the lotto anytime soon.

Once I became a mom, this problem I had became worse. Friendships suffered because naturally my kids had to come first. I’ve had to cancel trips, dinner dates and countless girl’s nights. I’ve had to miss weddings and baby showers out of town due to finances or work. I’ve had to tell my kids “no” to outings because I physically didn’t have the energy to even get them or myself dressed. I’m burned out. I’m tired. I’m not 20 years old anymore.

But, now, entering my 40s – I’m not going to feel guilty about it any more. I’m also going to be more understanding when the tables are reversed. I’m going to give myself a morning to sleep in. I’m not going to overextend myself or over schedule my calendar. I’m going to make each day count. I’m going to be present in one activity at a time instead of only giving 30% to three activities at once. Extreme multi-tasking is a thing of my past. It’s not cool anymore.

Moving forward, I’m taking the advice of Randi Zuckerberg: Choose three. Each day choose  three things to focus on. Choose from family, friends, fitness, finances, faith, or what ever is most important to you. Today is my fitness, finance and family day. My family is ultimately my #1, but it’s okay if they aren’t my #1 every day. The more balanced you are, the happier your family is. My friends are important to me, but I can’t always be the one keeping the friendship alive either. My husband is my partner in life, but a night out with the girls makes my time spent with him even more special.

If you struggle to find balance too – stop feeling guilty because you can’t volunteer (or don’t want to) at your kid’s school. Start taking care of yourself – you deserve that mani-pedi with the girls. Say “no” more, and if people don’t understand – that’s not your problem. Choose three – three is enough. You are enough. <3

Best Parenting Practices for the Development of Kids

Raising kids is one of the biggest and toughest tasks for the parents. It is one of the best joyful
activities for both parents as well child. All the parents have valuable resources on their hands
that they can apply to their kids to become more reliable and can able to learn plenty of things
from them.
When you ask the entire parent what they need for their children, then most of the replies you
get that they want their children to be happy always. The well being of your children is totally
dedicated to their parents than anything else. We all know that play is one of the most favorite
tasks for all the children and one of the best time for them to learn various things too.

Let’s see how play can help your children to learn effectively:

● Playing is one of the most valuable ways that leads to enhancing your kid’ cognitive
skills and personalities. It is the universal truth that through the plenty of games activity
your children can develop their personality. It helps them to understand the uncertain
and certainly thinks rationally; develop vocabulary, physical activity, cognitive skills,
social skills, negotiation skills and many more.

● It is healthy for your kids- When your kids indulge in physical activity it helps them to
build strong muscles and get active throughout the entire day.

● Playing is not simple- Many time it happens them playing activity also leads to mishap
incident, so in order to avoid that it is parent’s duty to keep watching your children while
playing is vital to keep them safe all the time.

● Playing release children from stress- it is also considered as one f the most joyful activity
for the children because it releases stress from the kids. While playing any game or with
a parent, all the children have ultimate fun.

All these activities will help them to grow faster and also can easily able to enhance their
cognitive and personality development. We all know that human is a unique species on the
earth as we can easily have the capability to learn by imitation. We are programmed in such a
way to copy other action by seeing them. In the same way, children also watch all the activities
that are performed by their parents carefully.

Parenting also involves a certain amount of discretion also. Actually speaking there are no
certain rules for developing your children as it just matters of care and love. Another fact is that
the different children may need different levels of attention, care, support, and love, being
parents that you must need to pay attention while raising them.

Having a child is an ultimate joy for the parents and family. It is a privilege that you have kids. It
short you are rich you have the bundle of joy, upbringing a child is always a joyful activity for all
of us. Many parents think that their children are not their own property they do not belong to
you. So for the parent, it is just to see how they can nurture them effectively, supports them and
gives loves.

It is very important as parents to allow your kid to be whatever they wanted to be, there are
parents who forced their kid to indulge in certain activities or decision-making process which
they do not like at all. Let them becomes what they want to be and allows them to take decision
for themselves. The parent’s duty is to check and guide them in their own direction to avoid the
unwanted mishap and make them strong on how to tackle the unexpected situation effectively.
Serving you kids with true love includes being with them as a friend and caring taker. Many
people think that loving their kids unconditional makes them rude but the fact is them how you
love them and support them is really matters. Try to differentiate between good and bad things
for them efficiently.

When your child remain as the child will surely help them to grow effectively in every stage of
their life. To understand one thing that there is no hurry to grow your kids, when your child
behaves like the child is a wonderful feeling and give them time to grow as per their stages of
life and according to their certain age.

We are into the 21st century and parenting becomes the very sensitive issue in these days as
children are more reliable to think. In that case being a friend with your children is more
beneficial for the parents instead of guardian. Giving them space and privacy is a big matter, ina simple term to understand that what you know about life to teach your children. Use some survival tricks to help them to listen to your words carefully and act likes a close friend with them it helps you to get connected with your kids. When you compare yourself with them and check who is more joy, you will find that your child. When a child arrives, the parents must understand that it is time to learn not taught. Serving your children with the supportive and loving atmosphere is always beneficial for you and your

There are many reputed and professional consulting center are also offering plenty of services
related to parenting skills. Their ultimate job is to understand the needs and requirements of the
customers or parents and also make them get connected with their children. They are expert in
their respective task and some psychologist also can guide you on how to make your children
understand you and your expectations.

Some of the online tutor sites are offering the best online parenting class for the seekers who
wanted to get some valuable tips for their children upbringings. Many parents think that going
out for counseling on how to develop your children is not a significant matter but actually
speaking it is one of the best ways to enhance your parenting skills well enough to serve your
kids effectively.

So, in short, understand the sweet relations between parents and children and build your bones
on the supportive pillars like love, care, and understandings.


The Ultimate Mom Hack For Summer Shopping

Recently the fabulous team at reached out about their mission to be the largest online consignment and thrift store in the world, and helping customers be environmentally sustainable consumers while saving money on their favorite brands.

I thought, BRILLIANT! So, I took a look and found a ton of items I knew my boys would love! I can’t tell you how many clothing items they’ve destroyed in less than a week with all their wrestling and dirt digging, or items they grew out of in just a few months! As a mom, I’d rather find quality brands at a discounted price while helping the environment.

Thanks to for giving me a credit, I was able to get the boys a whole new summer wardrobe for under $100. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Graphic tees are their favorite and who wouldn’t want a shirt that says, “The Freshest Kid on the Block”? My older son loves baseball and I found this great Under Armor “Fast Pitch” shirt for him. All the items were great quality, brands we would buy for retail anyway, and in perfect condition.

Also, those items they do grow out of and are still in excellent condition – you can sell them to! Who needs extra money for summer vacations?!

But, it gets better. They also sell toys, men’s clothing, women’s clothing and maternity! Don’t get me started on the outrageous prices of maternity clothes. Why not get them at discount and sell them back when you’re done? I wish I knew about when I was pregnant.

They are currently running a promotion through July 31, 2017. Get those back to school outfits early! Just enter code: 25MOM and you get 25% off your first purchase. They offer free shipping over $10, too!

Happy Shopping!


9 Ways Welcoming Mindfulness Helps You Flourish At Life

You love your kids and wouldn’t be without them, but it’s an undeniable fact – being a mother can be incredibly stressful. Dealing with tantrums, trying to keep on top of all of the everyday chores and running around after the family can take a heavy toll on your state of mind, and every mother out there will recognise the feeling of sometimes struggling to keep your head above water. Luckily, research from Oxford University has shown that practising mindfulness could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Their studies showed that mindfulness is not only a powerful stress reliever, but it also helps to improve resilience to future stress, building up an inner strength that boosts physical well being and inner happiness.

So, What Is Mindfulness?

If you’ve never heard of mindfulness, don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Put in basic terms, mindfulness means that you focus on staying firmly grounded in the moment, aware of what you are doing and feeling, without being overwhelmingly influenced by events that are taking place around you. Now you’re probably thinking “Easier said than done” as your toddler howls for your attention, your teenager needs help with their homework and you have dinner to get started, and you’d be right – mindfulness takes practice. However, it’s well worth putting in the effort to achieve the many benefits that mindfulness brings.

How Can Mindfulness Help Me?

1. Better Decision Making

When you practice mindfulness, you have a much greater awareness of what’s going on inside your head. We all have a tendency to experience a gut reaction as soon as a thought pops into your brain, and your response might not always be the right one. When you are aware of your thoughts, you are much more able to take a step back and to analyse them fully without reacting to that immediate stress response. In short, you’ll become a better decision maker.

2. Slowing It Down

We’ve all been there – flying off the handle because of a stressful situation. But those immediate reactions are rarely the most sensible response and all too often we regret the way we’ve handled things. Mindfulness helps to slow down your reactions, giving you time to think sensibly and to come up with a more appropriate solution.

3. Relaxation

When you practice mindfulness, you are learning to focus on the here and now – in other words the “being” state of mind rather than the “doing”. While the “doing” mindset is associated with stress, the “being” mode is linked to relaxation – and which mother doesn’t need a bit more of that in their life?

4. Awareness Of Bodily Needs

Every mother’s been there – pushing themselves to the limit to get things done for their kids, pushing themselves to hard in the gym, collapsing under the pressures of work. It’s all too easy to ignore the signs that you need to take care of yourself and treat your body with more respect. As much as exercise can assist in reducing stress and anxiety, mindfulness makes you more sensitive to your bodily needs, and when you notice pain earlier, you can take steps to treat the problem so that it doesn’t get out of hand.

5. Less Conflict

It’s no secret that most families are full of conflict, and it can be very easy to snap at each other when emotions are running high. Mindfulness makes you more sensitive to the emotions of those around you, and this boosts your empathy. When you understand the way your kids feel, you’re much less likely to get into conflict with them.

6. Greater Compassion

There’s a distinct lack of empathy and compassion in modern society, so it’s no wonder that often we aren’t as caring or considerate as we should be. Practising mindfulness is very soothing and lowers your gut response to stress, making you more compassionate and more able to help others.

7. Less Background Stress

We’ve become so used to an ongoing backdrop of stress in our lives that we just don’t notice it any more. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t taking its toll on your physical and mental health. When you practice mindfulness, the activity in your amygdala (the part of your brain that switches on your stress response) is reduced, cutting back on all that background stress and making your life simpler and happier.

8. Better Focus

As a busy parent you’ve always got so much going on that it can feel impossible to focus on anything. How many times have you stood in the kitchen, realising you’re in the middle of three different jobs and haven’t got anything done? Mindfulness boosts your focus and concentration so you can get tasks accomplished more efficiently.

9. Change Of Attitude

One of the best things about mindfulness is that it can change your attitude to stress in your life. Whereas before you struggled to see beyond the negative consequences of stress, being mindful gives you more space and helps you to think in a different way about it. By recognising that added pressure gives you more energy to get more done, your mind and body can enjoy the positive benefits.

All things considered, mindfulness really is one of the best tools to add to your knowledge box to make you, not only flourish at parenting, but flourish at life and all the stresses it throws at you.